For only $24.99 you can Buy the IMVU T3DE Pro Version Single user .Extract all textures and 3D files from any IMVU product.imvu t3de pro download instant.Redistributable version means You can resell T3de to other user and that version is $99 .T3DE: IMVU Texture download & 3D Extractor. The original and BEST IMVU texture and 3D mesh extractor ever made.


_   For $24.99** IMVU T3DE Texture & 3D Mesh Extractor  Pro

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  • Anonymous Extraction IMVU will not have any idea who or which user you are. You are safe to use this program without having to worry if IMVU will catch you. It's virtually undetectable.
    You can extract any item from imvu shop using t3de pro
  • Edit Any Developer, Any Product Unlike some texture stealers, T3de will let you edit not only every and any texture from any developer pro or otherwise, but it will also give you access to their animation detail and 3D Meshes. The best part is that the product doe's not even have to exist anymore. T3de can edit hidden, disabled, or old products

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 T3de Pro 

Single   user $24.99 USD

T3de Pro Special 

49.99 USD

Multi upto 5 user Pc user

T3de Pro Redistributable

  $99.99 USD

(Reselling rights unlimited logins)

Number of edits Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Extract Textures from products owned by anyone
Extract 3d Meshes from products owned by anyone
Resubmit products as your own
Undectable & Untraceable
Whisper without VIP
Edit DMCAed products
Edit Pro developers
Edit Hidden products
Edit UFI & Disabled products
Edit Developers who purchased T3DE blocking
Extrack Black Market Product

The possibilities with T3DE are endless. It is truly the one program every developer or user needs to fully enjoy IMVU. Why limit yourself to a hair that is only found in blonde? Edit it yourself and make it brunette. Why should you have to pay for PSD Skin templates? Extract the texture yourself and save the money. Why shouldn't you enjoy a blackmarket product that IMVU thinks is bad? Edit the disabled product and resubmit it for your own private use, or better yet put it on the market and make thousands. For purchase inquiry email to